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One-click recovery for your cloud identity Access Management system

83% of companies encountered an access-related breach in 2021

– State of Cloud Security, IDC, June 2021

Your Cloud Identity Access Management System is Vulnerable

Cloud Identity Access Management systems are error-prone and a single-point-of-failure in your business.

With just the slightest misconfiguration, an entire business can come to a screeching halt.

accSenSe provides full protection for your organization’s most valuable resources – your employees’ digital identities.

With automated backup and recovery, bouncing back from a disaster is as easy as a single click of a button.

"Most organizations think they are protected once everything is on the cloud. That if a cyber, ransomware, malware attack, or even a misconfiguration happen, you will have the ability [from your SaaS provider] to recover.

This is a misconception. You can only trust yourself and your organization. You need a backup on your side to maintain control of your organization's critical data.

This becomes even more important for public companies. Compliance certificates like SOX and ISO require a backup tenant for significant and critical assets like OKTA. Because if OKTA is compromised, it can cause massive damage.

That is why having a backup and recovery ability through accSenSe is so vital."
Global IT Manager
Work Management Platform
1500 employees

stay calm and be prepared

At accSenSe we believe in proactively protecting your organization.

We believe you should rest well knowing your organization is protected and ready to face any challenge life throws at it.

We believe you deserve peace of mind.

With growing cyber-threats and malicious attacks, you already won the battle if you come prepared.

We’ll cover for your Cloud Identity Access Management system while you grow your business.

"[...] Digital identity is the key to accessing cloud data that can bring full operations to a standstill with one malicious breach.

Once a hacker has logged into a SaaS solution or cloud-based app, hackers find backdoor entry points to breach the overall cloud infrastructure, and when compromised, full operations can come to a halt and point of no return.

What’s even more concerning and worthy of a raised eyebrow is that most Digital Identity Access Management systems don’t come with out-of-the-box backup and recovery features or options"
Muli Motola

"We can talk about the importance of firewalls and network segmentation.
But really, identity has become the boundary, and we need to start readdressing our infrastructures in that matter."

Jay Gazlay, CISA, SolarWinds attack, December 2020

"Undoubtedly within the scope of information security alone the ability [accSenSe provides] to track changes in such a sensitive environment is essential"
Harness Analytics and Optimization Tools
1500 employees

the road to quick and easy recovery starts here

Every day we hear of more companies who have been hacked and lost millions of dollars trying to recover from the disaster.

Your organization depends on you and on the preventative measures you take today.

Prevention is cheaper than cure.

Don’t let another day go by without protecting your organization’s most valuable assets.

With accSenSe you can rest secure knowing your Cloud Identity and Access Management system is fully protected and recoverable, no matter what tomorrow brings.

"In an era when cybercrime is a highly lucrative business, and numerous security companies are in the business of trying to stop it, customers seem to be in a never-ending losing battle— between the ever growing fear of being the next victim of a cybercrime and the exponentially growing amount of security services they must consume.

However, all these customers are searching for is peace of mind.
That peace of mind comes when customers are proactive in ensuring that even if they become the victim of a cybercrime, they know they will bounce back quickly, within hours, because they have Digital Identity Resilience.

[...] The innovative approach accSenSe brings to the market allows customers to concentrate on what is important to them – running their business while ensuring their identities are fully protected."
IT Manager
Harness Analytics and Optimization Tools
800 employees

Cybercrime or computer crime costs United States companies over half a billion dollars annually.

Also, data breaches compromise millions of user accounts.

[…] Being informed will make you aware that cybercrime can strike just about anyone online.

Hence, you must be knowledgeable in IT security software.

Also, cybercrime is a compelling reason for you to use backup tools and implement strict security measures.

This is especially because, as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to lay down work-from-home policies, many industries now rely on cloud use more than ever.

As such, it is pertinent to understand how to protect yourself from cybercrimes.

Allan Jay,

Our promise to you

Bullet-Proof Your Organization

Cloud Identity Access Management systems are the largest attack surface in your organization. They are the gateway and therefore a single-point of failure.

accSenSe secures your organization’s most vulnerable asset and gives you peace of mind

Quickest Recovery Possible

With our unique one-click recovery you can fully restore access to your Cloud Identity Access Management system in hours as opposed to days

Greatly Reduced Downtime Costs

Our one-click recovery means you can mitigate disaster easily and eliminated downtime means eliminated costs.

Your business keeps running smoothly and your downtime costs are greatly reduced

accSenSe mitigates an inherent built-in risk of OKTA.

For example, suppose something happens to our OKTA environment, like being wiped or damaged for technical or human reasons.
In that case, our OKTA environment has no backup.

It would be impossible to recover, creating a nightmare of a situation.

All our customers would be complaining because they cannot access our service, lasting for days as we must manually re-create everything from scratch"
VP Cloud Solutions
Mobile App Optimization Company
800 Employees

Do you consider your IAM a mission-critical system?

Most organizations don’t realize that OKTA backups are inaccessible to their organization.

OKTA utilizes a shared-responsibility model, where the health of your OKTA system is their responsibility, and the integrity of your OKTA data is your responsibility.

The thing is, this information is part of the fine-print in your IAM vendor’s contract, so it’s hard to notice.

So come disaster day, you’re left to your own devices, without any backup to your single-point-of-failure Identity Access Management system.


And while most organizations don’t realize that their Identity Access Management System is mission-critical, you are different.


You understand that with no backup to your data and configuration, your Identity Access Management system is vulnerable to cyber attacks and misconfiguration, which will paralyze your organization for weeks on end and cost you a fortune.

It happened to the best organizations in the market, it can happen to your organization, too.

Protect your organization from malicious attacks and misconfiguration by taking 5 minutes to set up accSenSe and rest well knowing your organization is safe.

"The danger is that [attackers] will penetrate through OKTA to every admin user in other systems connected via OKTA and change permissions, roles, passwords, block users, and create new users [for malicious purposes]"
IT Manager
Digital Adoption Platform
1300 Employees

Digital Identity Resilience:
Let Us Do The Work for You

accSenSe is an easy-to-use, set-it-and-forget-it SaaS platform that backs up your Cloud Identity Access Management system and configuration.

It allows you to easily and quickly recover from cyberattacks and misconfigurations with a complete set of enterprise tools for optimal system management and protection.

accSenSe provides your organization with the peace of mind required for IT operations to run efficiently like never before, with a predictable and transparent RTO for the IT manager.

"The granular control [provided by accSenSe] of the changes in our [IAM] system provides a feeling of security"
Alex Donchenko
Solution Engineer, Trax

Built With Your IT in Mind

Automatic Healing

Diagnose and remediate posture changes within your Identity Access Management system


Low RPO and high granularity up to 10 minutes! Keeping data retention to a maximum


Handle change and growth, merges and acquisition safely and securely

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Identity holds the username and password to allow access to any Cloud application you know. The login information to Gmail, o365, SFDC, Zoom, Slack, and alike is a “digital identity”.

On average, organizations manage 150 of cloud applications and its digital identities. That’s a tremendous burden.
This led to the emergence of platforms like OKTA, Google Identity, and Microsoft Azure AD, also known as “Identity and Access Management systems”, that try to put all this in order.

There is a single way to access a corporate cloud service: compromising a legitimate user account. Techniques used to gain a foothold include targeted spearphishing and exploiting weaknesses on public-facing web servers 

Cloud lock-out occurs when a user is unable to access a cloud service or a specific cloud feature. Cloud admin account lock-out means, the control of the cloud is compromised.

Skillful access control admins, detailed planning and careful execution can reduce access loss dramatically. accSenSe provides best in class access loss prevention and recovery for IT departments, teams, managers and admins.

It does, but you can’t access that data for your own use. But with accSenSe, you can export, analyze it and recover to any point in time.

As quickly as you can click a single button With our one-click recovery, accSenSe is the quickest recovery tool for OKTA systems

accSenSe is easier and faster than any other solution on the market. There’s no need to learn a new system. Just continue using your existing access control system while accSenSe keeps you fully protected.

Our system is powered by the most comprehensive platforms available. The Cloud is built according to AWS Best Practices for Security, Identity, & Compliance.  Access Control is powered by OKTA, and we maintain regular penetration testing. Personal data is secured under GDPR directive and encrypted. We are currently under ISO and SOC2 type2 certification. You can find out more on our Trust page.
accSenSe is a SaaS recovery platform focused on cloud identity infrastructure systems. The solution has all bases covered for seamless SaaS recovery and prevention of inaccessibility.

accSenSe is a protection and recovery platform for cloud identity infrastructure systems.

About Us

Our team at accSenSe has been focused on building the largest OKTA integration company in one of the most challenging markets and ecosystems in the last few years – the Israeli high tech niche. 

Our clients are faced with global business expansion challenges as a result of the unprecedented  growth rate that comes with a growing attack surface for malicious hackers.

After running through endless Cloud Identity Access Management system implementation use-cases and disasters, the accSenSe team decided to solve the most significant problem of modern organizations relying on SaaS solutions.

We developed a platform to manage and protect cloud Identity and Access Management system to ensure business as usual isn’t just a phrase.

With zero cloud-based access control systems bearing interruptions, IT teams focus on what matters. Our mission is to ensure accSenSe helps enforce cloud identity infrastructure security with preventative and analytical measures, ensuring optimal accessibility, maximal uptime and next-level operational efficiency.

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Trust starts with transparency

Our brand is built upon Trust, and our customers count on us to uphold that promise. Nothing is more important than the resilience and security of our service.

The accSenSe Trust Page is a hub for real-time information on performance, security, and compliance.

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Russian-Ukrainian politics put Australian Government IT infrastructures at the mercy of cyber-warfare by


Written by Muli Motola, CEO of accSenSe

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