Workflows and data carry the weight of company productivity rates for work loads running on the cloud. Left unsecured with zero data protection and no recovery solution, success and productivity rates are lower, and challenges with business continuity are apparent.

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Leverage Cloud Accessibility, Uptime and Performance: Data Protection & Recovery

83% of companies have cited at least one breach as access-related in 2020, and over 50% of Americans were concerned about data breaches during natural disasters and during this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Account takeover is fatal punishment for busy IT networks running and managed in the lively enterprise by OKTA systems and endless SaaS solutions.

SaaS-dependent IT systems and networks managed by OKTA should be protected for automatic recovery in case of a malicious breach. It is an organization’s responsibility to take charge and protect data to prevent brand reputation damage and the leak of highly sensitive and personal data of employees and trade secrets. Legal repercussions can be heartbreaking, and a growing business or enterprise that depends on cloud-based solutions can reach zero productivity in seconds.

Critical Need for Quick Response Times: Data Protection and Recovery is Everything Today 

Optimal response times, reviewing single points of failures, misconfigurations, and granted permissions that can open doors to hackers and data breaches. Historical data analysis empowers IT teams, supporting company and technology goals that can only be achieved with preventative measures and knowledge of what data is at stake to know how to best protect it.

Identifying the single point in time when back doors were opened to hackers, demands a solution with a point-in-time data recovery feature. Using a smart and intuitive solution that employs machine learning and automates data backup for disaster recovery will support business continuity. And it’s a company’s responsibility to take charge and keep mission critical assets safe.

The Thick Skin to Grow To Protect Access Control Systems: Digital Identity Resilience

We all like to think that the leading role and Oscar-winning actor of Hollywood films is the star of the show. The truth is, it’s often the director managing their performance who should take a bow. Likewise, security professionals of companies should take a step into the spotlight, as they’re the unsung heroes of corporate success.

Identity and Access Management platforms run and monitored by security professionals are not just vulnerable, they can be a target for malicious attacks from multiple endpoints. Security teams quietly work behind the scenes to make sure that massive enterprises run like powerhouse engines around the clock with data backup and recovery of mission critical assets.

Security Professionals: Unsung Heroes of the Enterprise Today. So Who Is The Enemy?

IT security superheroes empower multiple players and professionals and keep data safe. Data protection and recovery solutions empower HR professionals to reach recruitment goals by retaining information about candidate and recruitment processes, marketing teams with automation and nurturing platforms, and enable basic workflows to keep the company productive. With a strong infrastructure, smart data protection strengthens cloud accessibility, access control system workflows, and overall network and data security for improved productivity and business continuity.

The Ulterior Motive: Money Talks, But So Does Cybersecurity Through Data Backup

Identity and Access Management Systems that are poorly managed make point of entry for illegal online breaches both easy and painful for businesses.  Human error can be the premise for easy hacking into company systems through even a mere mobile device of a random employee. That’s why you, as an organization, are absolutely responsible for your data. Employing the help of solutions to help protect and prevent any single point of failure for security of data and the company at large is an organization’s weight to carry.

Granting permissions on various levels to specific staff in multiple departments requires careful consideration of the risks. Yesterday your IT manager gave the marketing lead access to the social media network management tool on their phone. Tomorrow that marketing lead’s identity is sold for collateral on the dark web to gain access to the company’s database of leads, also stored through a SaaS solution used and accessed regularly on the employee’s phone. The next thing you know, critical and sensitive company data is circulating online. The legal repercussions are detrimental. What happened?

All the permissions granted went the wrong way and some malicious hacker online exploited the opportunity, taking a major toll on a growing enterprise. Remember the November 2020 Solar Winds attack the United States government experienced due to a Russian hacker? Imagine an 18 month recovery period and the damage endured in the meantime. A corporation? People, this is the United States government. If you think your business is invincible, think again.

What to Look for in The Ideal IAM (Identity and Access Management) Platform

There are a few critical features to keep corporation’s technological vitals alive and thriving. To date, no adequate recovery system exists for a critical IT asset such as the IAM, preventing a single point of failure of breaches and data being compromised.

Until now.

Enjoy IT resiliency, with optimal system health, visibility and recovery with a solution that provides innately leveraged cybersecurity for the OKTA dependant corporation. Prevent malicious cyber breaches and account takeover with data protection and point-in-time recovery with the accSenSe Data Intelligence Resilience solution.

Discover what visibility to OKTA versioning can do for you when coupled with all of the above features, and leverage cloud accessibility and business continuity with one tool here, and now.

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How to Recover OKTA

How to Recover OKTA In a world where information has become the currency, Identity and Access Management Security are now the single-point-of-failure for most organizations.

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Strategic Digital Identity Cyber Resilience: Securing Mission Critical Asset Backup and Recovery

The news of OKTA’s breach has shone a spotlight on IAM systems’ tremendous value and fragility. Like one domino falling into the next, a system breach at a third-party OKTA support provider can inevitably impact 15,000 organizations using OKTA’s identity and access management services. And the weight of the impact is potentially massive.
Learn how to protect your systems with accSenSe’s Digital Identity Resilience solution.

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Restoring the confidence: How OKTA customers can gain peace of mind

Between the ever-growing fear of being the next victim of a cybercrime and the exponentially growing amount of security services they must consume, Customers are in search of peace of mind. Read on to find out in this technical review how accSenSe can give you this peace of mind.

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Digital Identity Resilience is crucial to bouncing back from cyber-attacks quickly, fixing a human error, and managing change. accSenSe will provide strategic value for your IT. Diagnose and remediate posture changes within your IAM system. Get back to business as usual within hours and ensure business loss is kept to a minimum. Low RPO and high granularity, Keeping data retention to a maximum. Handle change and growth safely and securely, avoid misconfiguration.


In a time where Ransomware attacks and account takeovers are growing fast, Cloud Data is at ever-increasing risk.


Regain Control over your SaaS systems following a cyber attack.


Cloud apps are dominating the software industry. Companies hold their most valuable data in these apps.


Recover not only SaaS data but also the SaaS configuration and setup.


Cloud vendors are legally unbounded from protecting the cloud data with the shared responsibility model.

Business as Usual

With Adjustable RPO and a low RTO, you can be back in business in no time.