Make your Okta IAM resilient against cyber attacks and human error

ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF: accSenSe Digital Identity Resilience

The problem?

Unavoidable human error

Did you know that the majority of IAM failures are caused by human error? One wrong change and the whole system stops working.

 We’ve experienced this first hand in our 60+ Okta implementations. So we created a tool that has our own back, the back of IT professionals.



IAM cyber attacks

Due to the mission-critical role identity plays, IAM is one of the most lucrative targets for hackers, which explains why 83% of companies cited at least one breach as access-related last year1.

Shared Responsibility Model

Are you familiar with the “Shared Responsibility Model” (SRM)? If not, you are not alone. The SRM outlines the vendor\customer responsibility of cloud service. So what does it mean for you? It means that you, the customer, own the responsibility for your data– not your vendor. In other words, if your system goes down, you will not be saved by your IDP. You will be SOL.

We’ve created a new kind of tool.
One built for the worst-case scenario, providing you peace of mind knowing your IAM system will be resilient in any scenario.

accSenSe provides a complete backup of your Okta tenant, which gives you full visibility to configuration history

The ability to restore in ONE CLICK means you can reduce RTO during a disaster, keeping your business running and financial loss to a minimum.

Stay compliant with SOC 2 & SOX. Have a recovery plan that complies with SOC 2. And the ability to build & re-build UAT environments means you can comply with the SOX change management requirement.

The audit capabilities mean you can easily control system changes.


Peace of mind and resilience against the inevitable.

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